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‘'The Path of Clay" is a cross-border project between Bulgarian and Romanian partners, following identification, evaluation and promotion the processing centers of the clay on both sides of the Danube and the creation of a  specific touristic route in the benefit of national identity affirmation in the European context .

Clay has had many different uses since it was found by the humans. Some of the oldest clay artifacts (5600 – 5300 B.C.) were found in the area of the Lower Danube. One of the newest and inspiring theories (theory of Harold Haarmann) is creating a new paradigm in historical science that the so cold Danube script wrote in clay is the oldest writings of an ancient civilization existing in the Balkans 8000 thousand years ago. Since then clay was used for occult objects, jewels, pottery, housing, decorations, art, etc. The entire clay historical heritage in the area of Lower Danube is rich and inspires great scientists, writers, researchers and history fans, but is still unknown to the wide tourist audience. The existing potential for development of boutique tourism based on clay and its promotion is not utilized and no integrated tourist offerings and itineraries are available on the tourist market for it. The project proposal aims to improve the sustainable use of this cultural heritage.








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